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Links of Interest

Y2K babies Nestle, SlipNot and Jingle Belle

Lost, Found or Stolen Birds:

Join Yahoo PETS Groups: LegBandNumbers - Mailing list to actively help find a breeder by their leg band codes.

National Center of Bird Leg Band Directory - Database to find a breeder by their leg band. Previously the NC Bird Leg Band Directory.

Leg Band Registry - Database to find a breeder by their leg band on Pionus Parrot's Website

Bird Hotline

The Original 4 Our Birds!

Avian Research on Behavior & Avian Training Techniques:

U.C. Davis Dept. of Animal Science Psittacine Research Project

Make a donation to the Animal Science Dept., U.C. Davis

"The Amazing Amazons" web site with articles by Joanie Doss

Animal Behavior Society

Bird Click

The Alex Foundation; Research work by Dr. Irene Pepperberg

Parrot Behavior Consultant Liz Wilson

Center for the Human-Animal Bond by Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine

Department of Psychology, University of Arizona

Organizations and Clubs:

Amazona Society

Amazona Society Species Listing

The Hondurensis Project A cooperative effort among breeders, pet owners and The Amazona Society to sustain the captive population of Amazona oratrix Hondurensis.

American Federation of Aviculture

International Aviculturist Society


World Parrot Trust

Cayaya Birding - Publications in Ornithology in Guatemala Distribution, variation, and conservation of Yellow-headed Parrots in northern Central America.

Other Research of Interest to Pet Owners:

Cancer Registry and Surveillance System for Companion Animals
Companion Animal Tumor Registry will track pets' cancers, help determine risk of human exposure to environmental carcinogens - ITHACA, N.Y.

Rescue & Adoption Organizations:

Parrot Education & Adoption Center-San Diego, San Diego

Parrot Education & Adoption Center-Anchorage Chapter

Parrot Education & Adoption Center-Cleveland Chapter

Parrot Education & Adoption Center-Pittsburgh Chapter

The Gabriel Foundation

Avian Information Sources:


Subscribe to Bird Talk Now!

Birds n Ways

Lexicon of Parrots


Companion Parrot Quarterly

Health Issues:

Association of Avian Vets

Exotic Pet Vet.Net

AVID: American Veterinary Identification Devices

Carolyn Swicegood's series "The Kitchen Physician"

Eclectus Parrots Australia

Gillian's Helpdesk

The Holistic Bird Website

Wholistic Verterinary Care - Classical homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine & nutritional consultation

Health Related Research:

Psittacine Research Project - Department of Animal Science - UC Davis

Parrotphanalia for your Companion:

Alex's Le Perroquet Gris Boutique

Amazon.Com Online Book Store - (formerly Pet Bird

C & L Aviaries

Rufkahrs Casters & Glides - Replacement casters for cages and stands

China Prairie Company

CHIRP n SQUAWK Bird Supplies

The Laughing Parrot

White Feather Bird Products

Avian Pelleted Diet Manufacturers:

Baby Yellow Nape Amazon, Milo

Breeder's Blend

Foundation Formula, Dynamo Sprouts, Merri Medley, Nutcracker Sweets & Training Tools and Videos


Harrison's Bird Diet




Marion Zooalogical: Scenic Bird Food



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