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Links of Interest

Y2K babies Nestle, SlipNot and Jingle Belle

Lost, Found or Stolen Birds:

Join Yahoo PETS Groups: LegBandNumbers - Mailing list to actively help find a breeder by their leg band codes.

Leg Band Registry - Database to find a breeder by their leg band on Pionus Parrot's Website

Bird Hotline

Avian Research on Behavior & Avian Training Techniques:

"The Amazing Amazons" web site with articles by Joanie Doss

The Alex Foundation; Research work by Dr. Irene Pepperberg

Parrot Behavior Consultant Liz Wilson

Center for the Human-Animal Bond by Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine

Organizations and Clubs:

American Federation of Aviculture


World Parrot Trust

Cayaya Birding - Publications in Ornithology in Guatemala Distribution, variation, and conservation of Yellow-headed Parrots in northern Central America.

Rescue & Adoption Organizations:

Florida Parrot Rescue, Inc.

Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary, Inc.

M.A.R.S. - Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary

Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary

Florida Parrot Rescue

Parrot Education & Adoption Center-San Diego, San Diego

Parrot Education & Adoption Center-Anchorage Chapter

The Gabriel Foundation

Bird Recovery International - Working to Save Endangered Birds

Avian Information Sources:

Bird Channel

Birds n Ways

Lexicon of Parrots


Companion Parrot Quarterly

Health Issues:

Association of Avian Vets

Exotic Pet Vet.Net

AVID: American Veterinary Identification Devices

Eclectus Parrots Australia

The Holistic Bird Website

Parrotphanalia for your Companion:

The Alex Foundation Gift Shop - (formerly Pet Bird

Rufkahrs Casters & Glides - Replacement casters for cages and stands

China Prairie Company


The Laughing Parrot

Food & Nutrition:

Carolyn Swicegood's series "The Kitchen Physician"

Feeding Feathers - Yahoo Group dedicated to parrot nutrition

Avian Pelleted Diet Manufacturers:

Baby Yellow Nape Amazon, Milo


Harrison's Bird Diet



Scenic Bird Food



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